The Collection

Regularly throughout the year, we introduce either new designs or different colors, and each time we add styling tips to inspire you of the many ways to wear your LACEits.

You’ll be able to find your favorite pair of shorts in new colors and fabrics as we introduce new designs.

You can shop through our website at your convenience, but feel free to call us or email us for assistance if you would like any information about LACEit. We are more than happy to help you find your favorite pair of shorts.

We provide rather accurate information about sizes, so that your pair of LACEits should fit you well when they arrive. If not, we provide a free once-return system for an exchange to a size up or size down.

Each pair of LACEit sare custom made for you, once you order them. This way, we can avoid product waste.

Our Ateliers

LACEits are manufactured by high quality sewing ateliers in Switzerland, who also produce for the ‘Haute Couture’ fashion industry. The ateliers have been chosen not only because the people working there are absolute professionals, but also because these ateliers provide fair working conditions and salaries to their employees.

Looking after your LACE its

Check the care and content card sent with your garment. This label has specific information on how to care for your LACEits.

We suggest that you hand wash your ‘casual’ and ‘cotton’ LACEits in cold or tepid water (not more than 30 degrees). This will help to protect their life and the shape. Do not tumble dry your LACEits!

We suggest that our ‘classic’ and ‘silk’ range is professionally dry-cleaned.

Always remove your keyring when you wash your LACEits!

Shopping the LACEit Collection Online

Once you have decided which LACEits you would like to add to your collection, you can add them to your shopping cart.

For the Casual range, you have the option to order the ‘wee little longer’ version. This means your shorts will be 4-5cm longer than the original version.

For the Classic or Silk & Cotton range, you can opt to order with or without pockets, depending on your preference.

LACEit secret shopping parties& pop-up boutiques

LACEits can only be ordered online …. BUT we have special secret shopping parties and also have pop-up boutiques. We provide information about this online and on our Facebook page. If you would like to know more about this, please email us at