Our Philosophy

At LACEit, we have wanted to create a pair of shorts that makes women look good and feel sexy and that can be dressed down for the beach, but also dressed up for the evening.

LACEit shorts are perfect for every woman of every age, whether you are a Twiggy or a Marilyn, you’ll love how when you are wearing these flattering shorts, you receive compliments over and over again.

The Founders

I am Chris, the founder of LACEit. I spent many years working as a corporate executive and spent most of my life in business suits.

But as a child, I grew up near the beach – I LOVE the beach!

It was during a shopping trip to St. Tropez that my girlfriend Danny convinced me to try a pair of shorts in a little boutique. I was not really a shorts person … not anymore at least, but I let her convince me that I can still wear shorts.

Even though the quality was not great and the design suboptimal, I felt happy and free wearing my new shorts – it reminded me of endless summers on the beach.

It would be great I thought, to be able to buy designer shorts, which are good quality and durable, that can be worn to the beach or in the city. I started to do some research and found out very quickly that what I was looking for, did not exist.

I then asked my friend Danny, who is always up with the latest trends in fashion, to help me design a great pair of shorts from high quality Swiss lace. We did and we loved the result.

During my travels, my shorts were always in my suitcase and I was amazed at how many compliments I received, and much more importantly, how often I was asked by women where they can buy these shorts.

It was therefore on a vacation, that the idea of LACEit was born.

Our Mission - To Create the Perfect Pair of Shorts

Made extremely comfortable and with a wonderful fit, LACEits should be the shorts that all women have in their closet and luggage, ready to combine with a t-shirt and flip-flops for the beach, with a twin-set to the museum, or a ‘little black jacket’ and high heels for the evening.

In fact, LACEits can be mixed and matched with many different looks in your wardrobe to fit your mood and style, always giving you the confidence and empowerment you need to truly look fabulous. Have a look at our Look Book – it will give you inspiration on the many looks that you can create with a single pair of shorts.

Furthermore, LACEits have been made to look good on every woman, regardless of whether your body type is more like ‘Twiggy’ or ‘Marilyn’.

Our Promise - Best Quality Materials

Our lace shorts are handmade in Switzerland with high quality embroidered 100% cotton fabrics, produced in the Swiss Canton of St. Gallen. This allows us to use the quality seal of ‘Swiss Embroidery’.

These finest high-end fabrics are usually only used by haute couture fashion houses.

In addition to using the very best fabrics, all labels and cord endings used on your LACEit garment are all made with 100% sterling silver. Yes, all metal items on your LACEits are 100% pure silver!!

This means that:

# The more you wash your LACEits, the more likely it is that the silver items will oxidize or tarnish. We like this somewhat worn look and suggest you leave it, but if you don’t, you can of course polish the silver labels and cord ends with some silver cleaner. BUT be careful not to get this on the fabric, as it may stain!!

# The keyring should be taken off when you wash yourLACEits!

# These items are worth their weight in silver!

(Please note: only the ring on your keyring is not 100% silver as it would not be flexible enough to be used as a keyring – the LACEit label is sterling silver.)

The Ace of Spades - Our Logo and Motto

The sign of the ‘Ace of Spades’ was chosen not only to connect with the chosen name LACEit. It was also chosen, because the ‘Ace of Spades’ has strong symbolism of power and luck.

It is the highest valued card in a card game and so we like to think of it as an important part of your outfit.

When you are an ‘Ace’ at something, you are an expert and when you ‘Ace it’ you have done something with absolute success. We’d like to think that this is how you feel when you wear your LACEits.