Are these shorts really made in Switzerland, or is it only the lace that is from Switzerland?

BOTH! Our shorts are handmade in Switzerland by seamstresses who also work for the Haute Couture industry. The lace is sourced from St. Gallen. We buy our fabric from the same manufacturers as Chanel, Dior and all other very high-end fashion houses.

Do all shorts have the same fit?

We spent a lot of time and effort with designers and specialists designing a pair of shorts that looks good on all women, regardless of size. We also wanted a classic, and modern fit, appealing to both young and mature women.

Check out our clients who we photographed in our ‘from Twiggy to Marilyn’ photoshoot … they all looked beautiful and we really used all 5 sizes!

How do I know what size to order?

We have 5 different sizes, Twiggy, Audrey, Grace, Sophia and Marilyn. Our size guide will explain exactly how you can measure yourself to get the correct fit. We also provide a comparative size guide, showing which international sizes correcspond with ours.

How should I care for my LACEits?

The best way to care for your LACEits is to turn items inside out and hand wash them in cold water. Do not tumble dry your shorts!

When will my order be sent?

Once your order comes in, we will have your LACEits made especially for you! Usually this takes a week. Then, we ship or post your order straight to you.

What’s your return policy?

We generally do not accept returns. However, if your merchandise has defects, please email us and we will agree with you on how to return your LACEits. Please note that returns will not be accepted, if your garment’s tags have been removed, or if it has been worn or washed.

If you have an issue with the size of your garment, we will gladly exchange it for another size.