‘I am no longer 20 and I am not a Twiggy,
but I love my LACEits and the way they make
me feel young and free’ -Pili

LACEit Anja Alldinger

‘‘I love my LACEits … they remind me
of my summer holidays and long
warm evenings outside.’ - Anja

‘I like to wear my LACEits in different ways
… I have them in many different
colours’ - Pam

‘LACEits are a great alternative to a skirt.
I like the black ones for winter,
but in summer the sand coloured ones
are my favorite.’ - Margrit

‘I live partly in Switzerland and partly in
Miami. My LACEits are always in my
suitcase, as I can wear them in so many ways.
If it is a bit colder, I wear them with
stockings and they look great’ - Angie

‘What I like most about
my LACEits is that I can wear
them at night with a pair of
high heels and during the
day with boots or even
sneakers’ - Anja

Photographer: Wouter van Gens
Hair: Martin Zumkeller
Makeup: Michelle Dankner-Müller, my place-art-beauté
Location: Acqua Basel