LACEit Cotton Range & 6-003
LACEit Cotton Range 6-003

Coral and cream cotton shorts with cream lace trim

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Product Description

Our Cotton LACEits are trimmed with 100% cotton St. Gallen lace. All ornaments are sterling silver. The Cotton Collection LACEits are not lined and can be ordered in regular length, or 4cm longer. (Model is wearing regular length, size Audrey).

At LACE it, we sell five different sizes, the ‘Twiggy’, ‘Audrey’, ‘Grace’, ‘Sophia’ or the ‘Marilyn’ - an ode to five women, all inspiring and beautiful.

We are all individuals and have a somewhat different shape. Moreover, international sizes are extremely varied. Therefore we ask you to actually measure your waist and hips, to be sure which LACE it size you are.




Size Chart


Measure around your natural waistline, exactly around your belly button


Measure around your bottom -the fullest part - approx. 20cm below your belly button

Twiggy 62-65 cm 85-89 cm
Audrey 66-69 cm 90-94 cm
Grace 70-73 cm 95-97 cm
Sophia 74-77 cm 98-101 cm
Marilyn 78-81 cm 102-105 cm


If you fall into two different sizes, because your waist to hips measure is somewhat different - don’t worry, that happens. We would suggest you then pick the larger size if you prefer to have your shorts a little more loose, or the smaller size if you tend to prefer your shorts more snug.

The following table gives an indication as to what our sizes can be compared to.


International Size Comparator
Germany, Switzerland & Austria France Italy US UK New Zealand
Twiggy 34 36 40 2-4 8 6
Audrey 36 38 42 4-6 10 8
Grace 38 40 44 6-8 12 10
Sophia 40 42 46 8-10 14 12
Marilyn 42 44 48 10-12 16 14


If you would like to check with us about the size you should get, please send us an email to and we will be happy to help you choose the pair that will fit you best.

As LACE its are somewhat elasticized, they should give you a perfect fit, if the above size chart is used. However, should you be unhappy with the fit of a particular purchase, please let us know. Although we do not usually accept returns, we would exchange your shorts for a different size (see our Return & Exchange Policy).